The Collaborative’s Learning and Engagement Work

Photo of researchers, teachers and administrators

The Collaborative’s learning and engagement team aims to build understanding, knowledge, and dialogue across the higher education, developer, and research sectors. Working closely with partner colleges and universities and researchers, we gather input from key stakeholders to understand how best to design studies and subsequently frame findings for diverse audiences, and to help spark conversation around research findings. Later, we will promote adoption of the instructional model and related guidance for faculty.

To achieve these goals, the Collaborative is hosting listening sessions to learn from diverse audiences, designing and facilitating interactive workshops to build community, and fostering exchange and awareness through our blog, Twitter feed, and newsletter. The Collaborative will develop workshops to scale adoption of the instructional strategies and related guidance, first within partnering colleges and universities and then more broadly.

Collaborative partner Achieving the Dream is instrumental in learning and engagement efforts. The Collaborative leverages ATD’s experience supporting higher education leaders and faculty to strengthen instruction and equity. The Collaborative will also share findings throughout ATD’s network of more than 300 colleges.