Instructional Strategies to Support Students’ Motivation

Motivational Processes Icon
  • Definition of motivation: Emotions and beliefs around learning—such as a student’s feelings of control and self-efficacy and their sense of belonging.
  • Strategies to set the foundation: Instructors can provide information on growth mindset and share past students’ testimonials.
  • Strategies to encourage practice: Instructors can encourage students to seek help from knowledgeable peers or tutors and provide concrete feedback on students’ learning plans.
  • Spotlight: Peer communications through various online forums
    • When delivered: throughout the course
    • Tools: learning management system, discussion board, GroupMe, Discord
    • Instructors use various ways to foster a sense of belonging through these discussion boards, such as asking students to introduce themselves with a short post, posing discussion questions that provide opportunities for peer communication, and encouraging students to connect informally through apps such as GroupMe and Discord.