Applied Learning

Instructional Strategies to Support Students’ Applied Learning

Applied Learning Processes Icon
  • Definition of applied learning: Learning techniques and self-discipline strategies that help students take greater ownership of achieving specific learning goals.
  • Strategies to set the foundation: Instructors can provide guidance on how students can engage in self-quizzing and share best practices on note-taking.
  • Strategies to encourage practice: Instructors can use lesson designs that encourage student agency.
    • Spotlight: Creating individualized learning environments
    • When delivered: Throughout the course
    • Tools: Use apps or the learning management system features to create adaptive learning assignments
    • Instructors can embed features into their assignments to provide “hints” throughout to support students in making connections across course content, point students to particular passages of text and key concepts related to the question they are working on, and enable students to indicate their confidence in their responses to the questions. Students can have unlimited attempts at homework assignments to facilitate nonpunitive practice and can use a “recharge” feature to redo questions about challenging concepts.